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About the national fuel situation

In addition to the research on advanced fuels in the Innovative Mobility project, departmental colleagues are also involved in assessing and communicating the current fuel situation. Our colleague Máté Zöldy gave an interview  to Telex.


The original article can be found on the Department of Automotive Technology website.

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New course starts: Noise, Vibration and Harshness of Vehicles

New course for those who interested in vehicles!
Get involved in noise and vibration research, one of the most innovative sectors of vehicle technology!
Take part in the lectures, learn the theory, measure and calculate in the practical lessons, and get involved in our research with our industrial partners!


With the spread of electromobility, the sounds and vibrations produced by vehicles are also changing, which poses new challenges for car manufacturers and suppliers. Within the framework of the course, in cooperation with our industrial partners Bosch, Rotec, and Audi, the basics of NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness), acoustics, vibration, and vehicle comfort are introduced.

With modern instruments and a wide range of tools, we present the basic measurements in the labs and explain the background of the numerical tasks of the topic.

During the course completion, it is possible to get involved in research in the department to prepare scientific articles or a diploma thesis in cooperation with our industrial partners.

According to the curriculum, the course is concluded at the end of the semester with a practical mark. It is determined based on participation in the measurement exercises, reports, and two exams.

BMEKOGG8510 – Analyzation of vehicle’s noise and vibration

Apply today!

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Will diesel made from vegetable oil bring a change for the automotive industry?

In an interview with Telex, Dr. Máté Zöldy talks about advanced fuels and related research at the University of Technology.

The original article can be found on the Department of Department of Automotive Technology website.

Toyota CE – BME GJT cooperation

Toyota has long been a prominent partner of BME’s Department of Automotive Technologies. This relationship was reinforced by hybrid vehicles and fuel-cell propulsion. Two instructors of the Department, Dr. Máté Zöldy and Ádám Nyerges, were able to participate in the four-day Toyota Mirai training held for the Hungarian service network so that we could get to know Toyota Mirai technology first hand. The knowledge gained based on the technical presentation, and assembly practice is incorporated into the Vehicle Engineering Bsc and Automotive Engineering MSc specializations curriculum.