FISITA World Mobility Summit

Prof. Máté Zöldy gave a lecture with the support of GTE at the FISITA conference held in Barcelona in the fall of 2023. The biennial event focused on mobility and the transformation of vehicles. In the his presentation, the research group leader, presented the changing systems around us from the aspect of cognitive mobility.

X-Challenge Urban Micromobility Competition

Dear X-Challenge Applicant,

Are you ready to revolutionize urban mobility? Or perhaps shape the future of sustainable transportation, fundamentally changing the way urban transportation is known in the heart of Budapest, in the 10th district?

Join us in the X-Challenge Urban Micromobility Competition and actively contribute to creating a greener district and achieving a more sustainable way of life by changing transportation habits with your concept.

The micromobility innovation challenge aims to engage forward-thinking high school students, university students, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and urban enthusiasts to develop creative concepts, visions, and concrete action plans. These plans may take into account the different mobility needs of various generations or utilize different micromobility tools and create mobility hubs to make the future sustainable and green district accessible.

The main theme of the idea competition is micromobility, so the ideas and solutions proposed by participants should be related to at least one of these areas:

  • Revolutionizing urban mobility
  • The future of sustainable transportation
  • Creating a greener district
  • Changing transportation habits
  • Establishing mobility hubs
  • Any other idea or solution related to micromobility

Now is the time to rethink and reshape urban transportation, either on your own or as part of a team! We are accepting submissions until October 16, 2023, at midnight.

You can find more details about the competition and the application process here:

There are no bad ideas; every concept is valuable!

The X-GAIN Team

The Tipo EV conquered an audience of half a million

The brilliant engineering fusion of classic design and state-of-the-art technology also captivated visitors at the IAA International Motor Show.

The IAA MOBILITY 2023 international automotive exhibition was held in Munich from September 5th to 10th, where more than 300 industry innovations were presented, attracting over half a million visitors. At the event, invited by HIPA, Mouldtech Ltd., Robert Bosch Ltd., and BME Innovative Vehicle Technologies Competence Center presented their jointly developed electric race car, which combines modern electric propulsion with the design reminiscent of the 1950s. In the development of the vehicle’s electric powertrain, the partners coordinated the redesign of the chassis, drivetrain, and body. Alongside the result of value-creating Hungarian engineering, daily hundreds of visitors stopped to take photos. Many inquired about how to acquire such a vehicle. The Zalaegerszeg factory is ready not only for electric but also gasoline car production. Prof. Máté Zöldy, head of the Innovative Vehicle Technologies Competence Center at the BME Department of Vehicle Technology, emphasized: “I am proud that the result of the work of my colleagues and students, as well as the collaboration with partners, has become one of Hungary’s flagship projects at the International Motor Show. Sharp industrial projects accelerate knowledge transfer between the university and partners, helping us become even better!” The completed vehicle serves not only as a market-available product but also supports educational and research tasks at the university.

Erasmus+ collaboration near to finish

We had a last but one management meeting at RWTH Aachen in the EcoCAR project led by prof. Ahmed Al-Salmayeh. International support was given 8 jordan universities to develop vocational diploma in electric and hybrid vehicle engineering. The test courses are already running. As supervisors and consultants we have takeaways as well how we can improve our education.

Our colleagues attended the Silverstone Classic Festival.

Our department, in collaboration with Mouldtech Kft and Robert Bosch Kft, is participating in the development of the Tipo 184 retro racing car. As part of the project, our colleagues, Dr. Máté Zöldy, Dr. Péter Harth, and Ádám Nyerges, along with Bálint Kocsis representing Robert Bosch Kft, were present at this year’s Silverstone Classic festival, where a version of the Tipo 184 racing car had its own booth. From Mouldtech Kft, Dávid Tímári, Róbert Zsédely, Benjámin Hegedűs, and Soma Sárosi attended.

England has a rich tradition in motorsports and preserving automotive heritage. At the festival, we had the opportunity to see the decades-long evolution of racing sports up close. First, in the paddock area, where teams were feverishly preparing for the races. Later, on the track, various categories saw daring pilots continuously making laps on the Silverstone asphalt. The area around the racetrack was filled with displays of beautiful, unique, and rare cars from local car clubs. Additionally, a separate tent showcased Formula 1 cars from recent decades. The Tipo 184 racing car fit perfectly into this environment and attracted a lot of attention. Its ’40s-inspired design was a breath of fresh air, as most racing cars present were from later eras.

We sincerely thank Mouldtech Kft for the opportunity to participate!

1 week to go until The Technology of Mobility Conference and Exhibition

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The event is the most significant connection opportunity for the international community of mobility engineers between 12-14 September 2023 at the International Barcelona Convention Centre, Spain. It’s going to be a great week!

During the three-days FISITA will explore the technology, methodology and strategy of mobility, from design, through manufacture and use. By bringing together the many different disciplines of engineering innovation required for the technology of tomorrow’s mobility.

View programme for all 4 events!
• FISITA World Congress here
• FISITA Intelligent Safety Conference Europe here
• FISITA World Mobility Summit here
• EuroBrake here

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Reminder…Don’t forget to secure your place at the Gala Dinner! Bookings close Wednesday 06th September; 11:59 CEST Hurry… schedule in your calendar!

We hope you can join FISITA on Wednesday 13th September; 19:00 – 22:00 on the top-floor Terrace at the International Barcelona Convention Centre. Enjoy the amazing view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea whilst catching up with industry colleagues, make new connections and enjoy the evening entertainment! It’s going to be a great night! Don’t miss out…

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IVT in Blikk!

Making scientific work comprehensible to the public is always a big challenge for researchers. In connection with the opening of the Competence Center, our joint vehicle development project with Mouldtech and Robert Bosch Kft. is presented in an understandable way:

FISITA TMCE 23 Conference

Join FISITA at EuroBrake 2023 … 9 weeks to go!
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The 12th EuroBrake 2023 is taking pla ce during 12-14 September 2023 at the International Barcelona Convention Centre, Spain.

EuroBrake is the world’s largest annual brake technology conference. EuroBrake will see contributors and attendees gather from the major brake industry stakeholders, including passenger car and commercial vehicle component suppliers and manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and leading brands in rail, aerospace, and academia.

The event will deliver technical sessions to hundreds of delegates, with high profile keynote speakers and roundtable discussions throughout the week, as well as provide business engagement opportunity within an exhibition featuring the leading mobility systems brands.

The conference will deliver 130 technical papers, within 23 technical sessions and 3 panel sessions and a significant exhibition, delivering an excellent knowledge share, professional networking and B2B engagement opportunity throughout the three days of EuroBrake 2023.

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Keynote Speakers Include:

*Dr. Marko Weirich, Senior Manager CAE Functions & Analytics, Daimler Truck AG

*Pierre Garnier, Senior Manager Brakes Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

*Tomasz Gonet, Component Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

*Roy Link, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. Co-owner, Link Engineering Co.

Ps. Interested in finding out more about FISITA’s Working Group Forums & Strategy Sessions taking place at TMCE?  Throughout the three-days FISITA will be hosting the inaugural FISITA Working Group Forums and FISITA Climate Change Sessions.  Join the FISITA team in the Knowledge Lounge!

*Carbon Neutral Mobility Working Group          Tuesday 12th September                 10:00 – 12:00

*Digitalisation Working Group                              Tuesday 12th September                 15:15 – 17:15

*Industry Disruption Working Group                   Wednesday 13th September           15:15 – 17:15

*Intelligent Safety Working Group                       Thursday 14th September                 10:00 – 12:00

*Next Generation Mobility Working Group        Thursday 14th September                15:15 – 17:15

Enquiries: or contact the FISITA team: Daniele Ventriglia, FISITA Technical Manager,


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Find out more about FISITA’s event programme

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Electric or synthetic?

Electric or synthetic? The real question is not about how our car runs or what type of propulsion system and energy source we use, but rather whether our mobility is necessary and if we choose the most sustainable form for it. Do you know what proportion of new cars are company cars? And how do their consumption and emissions compare to the others? These are the questions we addressed at the Corporate Car and Fleet Conference. The background conversation can be found at this link.

Márton Virt visits Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Our colleague, Marton Virt, has completed a one-month visit to the Catalysis Research and Technology Institute (IKFT) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) to discuss new possibilities for research collaboration in the field of advanced fuels. During the successful visit, two long-term collaboration opportunities were identified, based on IKFT’s advanced fuel synthesis technologies and our department’s decades of experience in engine testbed research. In our new researches, we will conduct engine tests with the special compounds produced by IKFT, and we also start to develop an AI-based predictive tool to provide useful guidance in designing these compounds. As one of the initial steps in the active collaboration, the institute conducted analyses of several fuel samples that we use in our current research.

In addition to exploring collaboration opportunities, experience sharing took place, during which the institute demonstrated its innovative oxymethylene ether production technologies, as well as the KIT Bioliq® plant, where a unique amount of synthetic gasoline can be produced among European universities. They also introduced the KIT engine testbed infrastructure, which can provide useful guidance for our own infrastructure developments.